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You can buy the largest collection of men's fashion and sports clothing at Skihut!

We know that it is very important for men to look well-groomed. That is why Skihut offers a very wide collection of clothing according to the latest trends. Twice a year we receive the latest collection from a variety of exclusive brands from Italy to Canada. Our wide range is our greatest strength, so we have something for everyone.


What our name may not remind you of, Skihut also has a very large range of summer clothing in the summer. Our summer range consists of slippers, swim shorts, shorts, tops, polos, down jackets and many other summer items. Our wide range ensures that you can also enjoy the latest trends in summer. Still looking for a new beach look? Then you have come to the right place for swimming trunks and t-shirts, for example. If you are looking for a casual outfit, you will also score your shorts, polo or summer jacket at De Skihut. Buy your summer outfit from Sundek, Moncler, Bogner, Armani & Colmar at Skihut.

What are we really big at? These are of course our winter clothing collections. Every year we offer a unique range of winter coats, sweaters, tops, pants and various other items for your winter wardrobe. At Skihut you will score winter jackets from the most famous brands such as Woolrich, Canada Goose, Parajumpers, Moncler and Airforce. We have a winter coat for every budget!

Are you a real winter sports enthusiast? Then you can go all out with us. Score your Ski Outfit, consisting of a new ski jacket, pullis, ski pants, accessories and new skis with ski boots. Our brands offer the latest collections with the latest techniques so that you can get down the slopes without any worries. Think of brands such as Armani, Bogner, Toni Sailer, Kjus, Icepeak, Peak Performance and many others.